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LED Note Board

Set the mood and let your room light up with this LED Note Board! It's the perfect personalized decoration to give as a present or just to spice up your own space. It's made from an acrylic material that creates a beautiful lighting effect, complete with warm light to provide the right atmosphere. This message board is easy to use, too; Just grab the free pen included in the package and write whatever you'd like! Then, use the eraser on the tip to easily erase your messages when you're ready for something different. The convenient USB input also makes it easy to power, as it can be connected to a power pack, adapter, or laptop. Light up any occasion - get your LED Note Board today!

Blank 1
Blank 2
20cm 20cm
20cm 30cm
15cm 21cm
7 Color-V-1Pen
7 Color-H-1Pen